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I think it’s something about the   i n e v i t a b i l i t y .   How nothing can keep them apart — not her selfishness, or his evil, or even death, in the end…

Anonymous said:
E.J. means Edward Jacob

SADLY. It’s just awful D:

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Anonymous said:
I really wish eb would have had a baby boy! It would have been so cute with no imprinting bullshit! Imagine how wonderful it would be! BELLA WOULD HAVE GIVEN BIRTH BEFORE SHE UTTERED OUT 'E.J.'.

I love Renesmee too much but I would love to know how their son would be like! I would love him to have green eyes like his father. How do you imagine him like? In my head he would be so sweet and cute, just like the angelical imaginations that Bella had when she was pregnant: A LITTLE EDWARD OMGGG!
And one of the most important headcanons in life is: E.J. means Edward Junior :)))))))

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You don't have to tag messages, no one does.

I know right? I don’t know why I still do it. But anyway, school has started and I only have time to answer at night. I’ll try to be faster, I’m sorry! And you can always ask me anything.

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Hey! I love you're blog page, do you RP? I've just made a Bella Swan RP page and need some friends!

Hello! Thanks so much! I don’t roleplay, but hopefully someone who is reading this will be interested :)

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How often do u answer mssgs? You take so long (not to be rude) but it seems like you need to get in the habit of checking it daily.

AAAAAAH I’m so sorrrryy. I do check it daily, Tumblr sends me an email every time I get a message so I read it instantly. Honestly I try not to answer messages on phone because I have no idea how to tag them lol. I know that’s very stupid but I prefer using Tumblr on laptop but I have no laptop anymore and when my sister lets me use hers I prefer to make gifs, so yeah I’m sorrryyyyyy. Plus sometimes I need time to think about the answer. I’m thinking about all of my Nessie x human boy headcanons now.

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im so happy u agree w/ me about bd pt1&2! & you're so right about the colors! I definitely would have loved if they put in charlies reaction to bella telling him she was marrying edward it was something I was looking forward 2 seeing in the movie

OMG indeed! I really thought they were going to add that, since they actually kept a lot of Charlie moments. I really wanted to see that, and I wish the wedding had been longer. I also wish the happy part of BD2 would have lasted longer, because they start talking about the Volturi in like 30 minutes. I missed some more scenes of them as a family. I wish we had seen Nessie being cute with all the Cullens!

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